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    Three Tips You Should Do to Try and Save Money on your Shipment

    Be flexible

    Auto transport from Ogden Utah to Texas businesses are not like the airlines where they run the same routes every day and are planned months in advance. Trucking companies’ schedules and routes vary depending on the freight demands along with variables such as weather, traffic, road conditions, etc. Due to their fluid schedules, trucking companies typically charge more to commit to picking up or dropping off on specific dates because they may have to hold the truck up or skip cars to meet your schedule. Typically they request customers to be flexible with their schedules and not commit to any specific dates. For example, you may call and say a vehicle is ready today and they’ll tell you they’ll pick it up within the next two to three weeks and they’ll touch base once they have a driver assigned. Booking your auto shipping from Ogden Utah to Texas order with this flexible timing will help you secure their lowest price!

    Check the vehicle if running or not

    Shipping a non-running vehicle creates extra work for auto transporters and their truck drivers. Due to the added work, auto shipping from Ogden Utah to Texas businesses typically add a fee of a few hundred dollars to ship a vehicle that does not run. If you can ensure your vehicle is in running condition, this will save you from paying the non-run fee lowering the cost of your auto transport from Ogden Utah to Texas by potentially hundreds of dollars!

    Ask before putting items inside the car

    All trucking companies, including auto transporters, are under strict weight regulations that limit how much they can ship at a time. When a customer packs a vehicle before auto transport from Ogden Utah to Texas, it increases the weight of the vehicle. Many companies add an additional fee for packed vehicles due to this. To avoid these packing fees when auto shipping from Ogden Utah to Texas call the auto transporter before discuss their policies. Some companies allow you to pack 100lbs worth of items before charging you a fee others may have stricter rules. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.