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    Top Three Biggest Factors that Affects the Auto Transport Price


    When car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Wisconsin; the longer the distance the better price per mile you will get. There is however a fixed cost in operating a car hauler.  You can expect anywhere from .50c per mile to as high as 1$. Shorter distance usually is on the upper end of that. Keep in mind there is significant time spent loading/unloading, going through city traffic so the car moving from Norfolk Virginia to Wisconsin price will reflect that as well.

    Vehicle Type

    When car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Wisconsin; bigger is not better. You will generally pay way more for any full size pickup, van, large SUV etc. Older vehicles tend to be really long so that can drive the price higher as well. Truck space is at a premium and larger vehicles can take up to two spots. So don’t be surprised if you see a car moving from Norfolk Virginia to Wisconsin quote almost double what a compact car would pay.  Weight, height and length all will affect your quote.

    Open vs. Enclosed transport

    Enclosed car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Wisconsin services tend to specialize in higher value cars that require the special attention and extra care an enclosed truck can provide. Further, enclosed trailers are a bit more limited on height and length combinations and tend to have fewer spots compared to an open trailer. Expect anywhere from 30% to 60% more in price.  However, the cost is totally worth it for the kind of service you’ll receive. You get to receive an unharmed vehicle after the transport process. For more car moving from Norfolk Virginia to Wisconsin details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.