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    3 Warning Signs that Your Vehicle Needs Antifreeze

    While auto transporters take every precaution to protect your valuable vehicle, it’s still vulnerable to the elements during car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to New York. Before dropping your vehicle off for car moving from Norfolk Virginia to New York, make sure it has enough antifreeze to help prevent damage to the radiator, engine, and hoses. Below are a few signs you may need to top off the coolant.

    You Notice a Sweet Smell

    In many cases, low antifreeze levels are caused by leaks somewhere in the system, which can leave a strong, sweet smell in the passenger cabin. If you notice that scent even before you want to use car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to New York, check for damp spots underneath the carpet on the passenger side. Dampness or a thick, viscous fluid usually means the heater core is leaking antifreeze into your auto. Putting a coolant on your vehicle is important especially when you are car moving from Norfolk Virginia to New York during the winter season.

    The Temperature Indicator Light Comes On and the Heater Doesn’t Work

    In severe cases, low coolant levels will cause your engine temperature to climb to dangerous levels. A warning light on your dash, usually a red box or triangle with wavy lines, signals that your engine is getting too warm.The heater that warms the passenger compartment works on the same system that cools the engine. In the winter, one of the first signs that you’re low on coolant is a malfunctioning heater. A variety of problems can cause heater issues, so it’s best to check the antifreeze level before car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to New York. For more car moving from Norfolk Virginia to New Yorkdetails, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.