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    What Are Some Widely Done Mistakes in the Auto Transport Industry?

    Being Unprepared

    First and foremost, you need to be present at both the time the vehicle is picked up and when it’s dropped off at the destination. Communicating these details with the auto transport from Norfolk Virginia to New Jersey provider helps ensure everyone is on the same page. You also need certain documentation to keep the auto shipping from Norfolk Virginia to New Jerseyprocess flowing smoothly. Before the meet up, make sure you have a certificate of insurance, vehicle registration, and a valid ID.

    Lacking Proper Insurance

    When auto shipping from Norfolk Virginia to New Jersey, the transporter should have insurance that covers any damage that may occur. Before handing over the keys, ask to see a copy of their insurance plan and ensure you understand exactly what kind of damages are covered. If you’re not satisfied, you can often pay for extra coverage or find your own from other auto transport from Norfolk Virginia to New Jersey businesses.

    Packing Personal Items

    Any personal items left in the vehicle during auto transport from Norfolk Virginia to New Jerseyare not covered by the carrier’s insurance. Before they load up the vehicle, remove everything from your car and refrain from loading household items to assist in a moving process.Ensure your vehicle arrives safely by working with the auto transportation experts at Auto Shipping Group. For more than 3 decades, they have been the trusted provider for auto shipping from Norfolk Virginia to New Jerseyas well as to the other states. No matter how far you need your vehicle shipped, you can trust their experienced team to get it there safely and on schedule. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.