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    Add These Three Things to your To-Do List whenTransporting a Vehicle

    Inspect the Current Condition

    When your vehicle arrives, compare any pictures you took of the car before it was transported to the way it looks now. Inspect the car in bright, natural light from the same angles the photos were taken. Look for new dents, scratches, or auto glass cracks or chips. If you find a problem, check your photos carefully to make sure it wasn’t there before the car left. Ask the company if they conducted a physical check before auto transport from Norfolk Virginia to Nebraskaand if you can see the photos. Many companies conduct their own inspections before auto shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Nebraskato protect themselves from liability. If damage is present, file a claim with their insurance company.

    Take the Car for a Test Drive

    It is important to give your vehicle a test drive when auto shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Nebraska. To check the engine, suspensions, and wheels for damage, drive the vehicle in a controlled environment, like an empty street or parking lot. Leave the stereo system off so you can listen to how the engine sounds. Pay attention to the way the car steers, brakes, and feels at high speeds.If the vehicle feels different, it may have sustained damage during auto transport from Norfolk Virginia to Nebraska.

    Schedule Preventative Maintenance

    If your car had a long journey or was in storage beforeauto shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Nebraska, schedule preventative maintenance to have the fluids topped off, tires filled, and oil changed.During the inspection, a mechanic can also check the engine components for cracks or corrosion. For instance, rubber hoses and gaskets can crack or become brittle when exposed to high heat, and replacing these components will protect your engine. To learn more about auto transport from Norfolk Virginia to Nebraska, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.