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    Door to Door Enclosed Transport is the Ultimate Service for your Classic Vehicle

    Enclosed car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Kansas is the best way to move a classic vehicle. Whether the car is operable, in mint condition, fully restored or even inoperable, enclosed transport provides a secure environment for automobile delivery. Enclosed auto transport is not as common as open shipping and it will generally cost more than transporting on an open trailer, but the overall benefits are overwhelmingly best for classic and vintage autos. An enclosed carrier will not only protect your car from all of the elements that can cause damage including inclement weather, thieves and road debris, but knowing your classic vehicle is safely sealed inside of the carrier can really help with peace of mind during a car moving from Norfolk Virginia to Kansas.

    Delivery Options

    Many people drop their cars off and pick them up at shipping terminals. This works great for thousands of motor vehicle owners each year and is a common way of car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Kansas, especially if the vehicle owner is out of town or unable to be at the pickup or delivery location in person. When you are classic car moving from Norfolk Virginia to Kansas, however, you really should decline the shipping terminal altogether for the overall safety of your vehicle. A classic car is an investment and needs to be handled with care to ensure the car stays in good condition and that you will not need to worry about locations that may not be quite as safe as you need for your automobile.

    Many terminals are located in areas that are outside of the city and have dimly lit, or completely unlit, parking areas where cars must be parked to wait on the carrier. While some terminals are watched by security, the majority is not secured and is often the targets of vandals and thieves. To reduce the risk of theft or vandalism, it is best to request door to door car shipping from Norfolk Virginia to Kansas when possible. Even if you are not going to meet the driver in person, you can have another trusted adult remain with the auto and make sure it is loaded safely on the scheduled date. For more car moving from Norfolk Virginia to Kansas details, visit or call ASG at (888) 588-1269.