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    Wrong Myths about Auto Shipping Services

    If you are purchasing a new vehicle or relocating to a new state, you will need an auto transport from New York City New York to Michigan service. Many people prefer to drive their own car, but what if you have more than one car or if you want it transported overseas? Common sense would dictate that you hire auto shipping group for their auto shipping fromNew York City New York to Michigan services. However, as with all industries, there are some prevalent myths that make this simple decision perplexing. As with most cases, these myths are not true. Take a look at some of these myths.

    Myth 1: Driving your Car Is Much Cheaper Than Getting It Shipped

    Some people think that driving their car across states is much cheaper and easier than getting it shipped. How can that be? It can take several days to travel hundreds if not, thousands of miles. The exhaustive journey will take its toll on your health and add unnecessary miles to your car, further depreciating it. Then, there is the added cost of gas, lodging, etc. All of these costs might ultimately cost you more than hiring an auto transport fromNew York City New York to Michigan service. Auto shipping from New York City New York to Michigan service is not as expensive as most people believe, especially when you factor in the time, energy and resources saved.

    Myth 2: It Is Difficult To Prepare Your Car For Shipping

    This is one of the most easily deflated myths. Contrary to common notions, getting your car ready for auto transport fromNew York City New York to Michigan is quite simple. All you need to do is remove all your belongings inside the car. Don’t forget to retrieve the car documents and your driver’s license from the dashboard. Remove parking passes and toll tags. Check your car thoroughly for any existing dents or damage. You can also take pictures from various angles and match it to your car after the transportation to your home. Drain your gas tank to a quarter or an eighth full to ensure safety. Make sure the battery is fully charged and the tires are inflated. It’s as simple as that when preparing your vehicle for auto shipping from New York City New York to Michigan.


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