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    Comparing Driving Versus Hiring an Auto Transport Company


    When it comes to price, it is usually cheaper to drive your car than it is to pay for a transport company for shorter moves; however, for miles more than a hundred, shipping services are less expensive. With that being said, the difference gets smaller and smaller the longer your move is. For example, a 200 mile move might cost you $300 to drive but would be $400 if shipped professionally. However, if your move is over 2500 miles, the difference is almost negligible.Driving your car, however, has some sneaky downsides when it comes to cost compared to auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Wyoming services. The first is lodging during a long move. If you’re moving over 500 miles away, chances are you’ll need to resort to a hotel. With hotels in the United States costing up to $150/night on average, that quickly adds up to the expenses. Thus, car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Wyoming services will be more reasonable.


    For many, this is the biggest reason to pick an auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Wyoming business over driving your car yourself. It is simply much easier to have someone else take care of your car than it is to drive for hours, multiple days in a row.Furthermore, it helps you not worry about the safety of your car. If you aren’t someone that has driven long distances before, the chances of you getting into a car crash or otherwise damaging your vehicle more. On the other hand, the car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Wyoming company drivers have years of doing exactly that under their belt.


    It can be easy to underestimate exactly how long it takes to drive over 500 miles. Keep in mind that even just 500 miles can take 9 hours under ideal driving conditions.If you’re moving, say, 2000 miles, that’s basically three whole days you’ll be spending driving. If you’re too busy to take that time off, or if you just think driving for 3 days is exhausting, an auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Wyoming company is your best bet.  They’ll get your vehicle to your new location faster, and more stress-free. For more details about car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Wyoming, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.