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    Understanding the Process of Transporting a Vehicle to West Virginia

    By understanding what goes into auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to West Virginia, you’ll be much less likely to be taken advantage of by predatory companies. There are a variety of factors at play when shipping a vehicle and you should consider all of them before accepting a price.For example, if you drive a high-end car like the Bentley Continental, then your quotes are likely to go up. If your vehicle is a collectible and needs to be protected from the elements during car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to West Virginia, ask for an enclosed carrier.The time of year is also critical. It’s much riskier to ship a vehicle during a harsh winter than it is during a pleasant spring. Because of this, expect winter moves to cost you a bit more. Summer moves can also be costly due to the amount of demand.

    Check the Insurance of the Company

    Whenever you deal with an auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to West Virginia business, you’ll want to know as much as possible about their insurance. This goes double in case you’re transporting a vintage or luxury vehicle. While each company is mandated by law to insure the vehicles they ship, some are better than others.The easiest way to check this is by visiting their website. They should have a printer friendly version of their insurance policy on there. Read over it carefully, and consider whether or not it covers all of your needs fully. If it doesn’t, then you should consider getting supplemental insurance to cover your car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to West Virginia needs.

    Read Reviews

    The easiest way to figure out how good an auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to West Virginia company is by checking their online reviews. Ideally, you should try to find a former customer that moved from your location or just a similar model to yours.If they’re singing the company’s praise, then you might be in luck. However, don’t stop here, you should also ensure that the car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to West Virginia reviews are genuine by visiting sites such as the Better Business Bureau and United States Department of Transportation. This will help you determine the validity of the reviews you find on Google or Yelp.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269