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    Save Money While Auto Shipping by Following these Tips

    Take advantage of discounts

    Many car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Utah service providers, including Auto Shipping Group, offer specific discounts that can save you money.If you are in the military, or if you’re retired from the military, take advantage of the military car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Utah discount. Each auto transport company will detail how you can take advantage of this discount. At ASG, talk to one of our car transport specialists and let them know.

    Pay in cash

    Truckers prefer payment in cash, so they offer a decent reduction in price for it. It’s important to note, you usually cannot pay a trucker directly with a credit card so you’ll need either cash, a check, or a money order to go forward with your car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Utah.You can also get a discount if you opt for multiple car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Utah. This is because the vehicles will all go on the same truck. If you have multiple vehicles to ship, let us know so we can arrange it in the most cost-effective way for you.

    Ship at the right time

    Finally, you will find it’s more inexpensive car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Utah during certain seasons.The summer is typically the most expensive time to ship your car. Many people move in the summer, meaning there are more car deliveries happening. This boosts your cost and elongates your estimated delivery date.If you can get away with it, you can save a decent bit of coin shipping your car in the fall months. Between September and November you can often find the best prices as there are fewer people shipping vehicles.Using these few tips, you can save as much money as possible when car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Utah. Always ask your auto transport company what sort of discounts and savings they can afford you. You never know how much you could knock off your total! For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.