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    The Know-Hows about Open Auto Transport

    Have you been searching for a trusted auto shipping company that is cost effective yet reliable? Well, your search ends with Auto Shipping Group. We’d help you get your vehicle where you need it shipped, securely and without burning a hole in your pocket.If you’re a multi-car family and are relocating out of state, you have two choices for shipping one of your vehicles to your new location.  You can either have it shipped in an enclosed carrier or an open carrier transport.  Although reputable car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Montana businesses exercise the greatest care when handling your vehicle, you should still be aware that yours will be traveling unprotected from the elements. However, we ensure that it is secured so that there is minimum movement during car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Montana.

    What is open transport and how does it work?

    Just as the terminology implies, an open car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Montana is a method that is most commonly used to haul vehicles on a domestic scale.  You would think that because this type of transport carries multiple vehicles, that it would take longer to get them to their destinations.  However, scheduling is easier and more flexible with this car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Montana method.  Consequently, this makes them faster and more cost-effective.  And, it is still a secure method for shipping vehicles domestically.

    What are the advantages of an open carrier?

    One of the advantages is the fact that open shipping providers can accommodate more vehicles which can significantly lower the costs involved as well.  When it comes to cost-effective shipping, open transports are the preferred method for car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Montana.  Consequently, this is an extremely competitive industry and the vehicle owner has a wide range of companies to choose from.  Competition of this nature forces vehicle shipping companies to provide the greatest value for the price.  If you’re on a tight relocation budget, this is the best option for car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Montana. You’ll have your vehicle on time anywhere that you need it.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.