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    Door to Door Service: Everyone’s Favorite Mode of Delivery

    Have you been looking to move your vehicle within the state or interstate? At Auto Shipping Group, we offer secure and convenient door to door car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Maryland, you can choose where you want your car, SUV, pickup truck, or van to be picked up and delivered.  Door to door refers to a type of car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Maryland service wherein a company picks up and delivers your vehicle as close as possible to a location that you have specified.  This means that your car may not be delivered to your home.  In most cases, people have their vehicles delivered to a business, close to a prominent building, on a popular street, or to a public parking lot near your home.  From start to finish, your vehicle will remain in the same trailer it was loaded into.

    How do I prepare my vehicle for door to door transport?

    Whether you’re moving to the next state or cross country, using a door to door car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Maryland service is wise choice.  While there’s more to it than arranging pick-up and delivery, preparing your vehicle for car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Maryland isn’t that difficult.  Here are some to take so your vehicle is prepared for the trip:

    • Check the battery, fluid levels, and tire pressure. Be sure to notify the service of any mechanical problems or operating issues.
    • Don’t have more than 1/4 of a tank of gas.
    • Make sure the vehicle has been cleaned and that all personal items are removed.
    • Fold mirrors in and remove luggage racks, non-retractable antennas, spoilers, and other accessories.
    • Disable the vehicle alarm.
    • Document and take pictures of any existing vehicle damage.
    • If the vehicle is a convertible, put the top up.
    • Give the transport driver a full set of vehicle keys.

    How much does door to door delivery cost?

    Most companies estimate the cost to ship your vehicle based on an established car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Maryland rate.  The rate is normally calculated by multiplying the distance to be shipped by the cost per mile.  Aside from how different companies vary in their pricing, the cost isn’t necessarily a fixed amount.  The cost per mile often varies based on the specific criteria involved in car moving from Montpelier Vermont to Maryland.  For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.