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    What are the Two Commonly Used Method for Transporting Automobiles?

    There are two basic ways to transport a vehicle. The first method is by open carrier – this is the most common way of auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Arizona. These are the trucks you see on the highway with a load of cars on a trailer with open sides. Typically in the world of auto transport, this is cheaper, but since the vehicles are exposed to the elements, they are at risk to certain types of damage. Debris such as rocks, tires, sand and salt (in the winter months) can do damage to any unprotected vehicles during car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Arizona.

    The weather also needs to be considered, snow, sleet and especially hail. To hold these cars in place a chain is placed on the frame of the car and connected to the trailer. In almost all cases, your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it was in before auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Arizona. To prove this point, many car dealerships still take a risk and use open car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Arizona services to deliver their new cars.

    The second basic type of auto shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Arizonamethod is enclosed method. Enclosed transport is exactly what it sounds like; your vehicle is placed in a trailer that protects it from the elements. The best carriers use what are called “soft ties” to connect your car to the trailer. Most enclosed transport companies offer first class white glove service. Be aware though, all this comes with a price, enclosed car shipping from Montpelier Vermont to Arizona can cost you anywhere from 30-60% more than open Transport. However, this is nothing compared to the great service you’ll receive.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.