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    What Comes Next After Listing your Prospect Auto Transport Businesses

    After you have done your research and short listed some vehicle shipping companies. Now you need to find which type of car shipping from Mission Viejo California to Maryland service is best suitable for your automobile. Choose between open and enclosed car moving from Mission Viejo California to Maryland then consider door to door delivery.

    • Under open shipping service your car is shipped in an open trailer exposed to the atmosphere. Open carrier is the most popular mode of transportation mostly because the vehicle is delivered in a long two level carrier with 7 to 9 cars shipped at once. This in turn made open truck cheaper and providing faster service due to its efficiency.
    • Enclosed carrier service comes with added features like higher insurance, constant communication, and GPS tracker. The enclosed carriers contain additional hydraulics ramps to help low ground clearance cars. Since the cars are moved in a secure trailer, your automobile would be protected from bad weather and road debris.
    • Under door to door delivery transport your vehicle will be picked up from your doorstep. The advantage of door to door delivery is that you do not need to drive your car to a terminal for it to be picked up.

    How to Prepare your Vehicle for Car Transport

    Now that you have found your desired car shipping from Mission Viejo California to Maryland service,now is the time to prepare your car for delivery to reduce any additional cost that may appear during delivery. The very first thing you should do before car moving from Mission Viejo California to Maryland is to clean it and inspect it entirely for any pre-existing scratches, dents, and paint chips.

    Remove any Personal Items

    Car transport companies are not allowed to ship personal items confined in the truck of the vehicle during car shipping from Mission Viejo California to Maryland. However, there are many car shipping companies that allow personal items, but they charge extra for it.Inspect your automobile by mechanic: Mechanical problems can cause many delays to your auto transport, and above all, can cause you extra money from car transport companies. So make sure to get your vehicle fixed before car moving from Mission Viejo California to Maryland.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.