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    Affordable Shipping to Florida is Possible when Done with Right Planning and Timing

    The auto transport companies factor in fuel cost, tolls, and labor costs in auto transport from Mission Viejo California to Florida. The type of location is the primary determining factor as compared to distance. Like: if you are auto shipping from Mission Viejo California to Florida, companies may offer a cheap freight quote since steering in the city is easier for trailers. Shipping your automobile to a rural area, where the carrier may have to stir away from their main route, the auto mover may request for higher fares.

    Seasons play an essential role in determining your auto transport from Mission Viejo California to Florida cost. The shipping industry is in demand during summer. There is more need for shipping, and loads are picked up faster. Since the orders are higher than the available carriers, vehicle shipping companies take advantage of this fact to compensate for the winter season. During the winter season, auto shipping from Mission Viejo California to Florida services are cheaper due to less demand. As a result, carriers are competing for business and have more open spaces on their carriers that they are trying to fill. During winter, the roads are dangerous to drive trucks, and road visibility is low. These factors force carriers to slow down as a safety precaution. Thus, making the transit process slow.

    The most common factor affecting the cost of auto transport from Mission Viejo California to Florida is size and weight. The larger the car, the more space and weight it has and more expensive to transport. Compact vehicles take less space and are lighter, which reflects a cheaper cost for auto shipping from Mission Viejo California to Florida. Large vehicles take more space on the trailer, increasing the net weight of the carrier, which affects the consumption of the car carrying truck.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.