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    What it’s Like to Ship a Vehicle in Winter vs. Summer

    After deciding that you want to ship your vehicle through a car shipping company instead of driving it, now is the time to look in to the factors that play into the cost of your car shipping from Mission Viejo California to Arizona service. The time of the year and weather has a significant impact on how much car shipping costs. However, chances are you do not have the luxury of waiting until next season to transport your vehicle. Knowing early on how seasons will impact your shipment is going to help you plan and budget for your vehicle’s journey. There’s a lot that goes into shipping a vehicle, and at the end of the day the best thing that you can possibly do to help yourself is to get some car moving from Mission Viejo California to Arizona prices and talk to a representative who can really let you know what the situation out there in the auto transport industry is right now.

    Which is Cheaper Winter or Summer Shipping?

    It is a perception among people that car shipping from Mission Viejo California to Arizona during winter months is more expensive as compared to summer in the shipping industry. However, due to adverse weather conditions and road blockages winter season is costly, on the report of the research conducted by consumer affairs, shipping prices increase by 200$ to 300$.Car moving from Mission Viejo California to Arizona during winter months is going to cost less than it would in summer as it tends to be a slower month for car shipping companies. That is why it is smart for financially conscious customers to ship their vehicles during the winter season.

    Not many people are car shipping from Mission Viejo California to Arizona during winter as compared to the summer season. Despite the fact that the temperature during summer is high, the vehicles are still able to be transported without disturbance. Due to high demand and low supply during the summer season, some people are willing to spend extra payment to get there to haul swiftly. Therefore, auto transport companies make a profit out of this fact to reimburse for the slower winter season. However, do not let these facts fool you into choosing to ship your vehicle by yourself. Car moving from Mission Viejo California to Arizona using an auto mover is the best option available for you and your vehicle. Truckers are trained drivers to deal with rough winter road conditions and alternative routes. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.