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    Reliable and efficient Vehicle Transport Service Jacksonville:

    With a population that far exceeds that of the nearby and surrounding metropolitan areas, Jacksonville is home to over 907,569 people today. Initially occupied by the Timucua people, this is one of the fastest developing cities on American soil that attracts crowds of visitors and tourists as well as permanent settlers every year. With the growing population, amazing career opportunities, and other infrastructure available in this city, you can find a thousand and one reasons to make Jacksonville your place of residence. If you are planning to move to this city and relocate, you will need a trustable and reputed auto shipping company to transport your vehicle to your new address, and we at the Auto Shipping Group are here to make your move cost-effective and efficient.

    Choose the Top Rated Car Shipping Company in Jacksonville:

    Relocating to a new city is no mean task and requires prior planning and a lot of financial and logistical resources. Starting with finding the right home to pack up your belongings and hiring packers and movers for the job, every aspect of the movie deserves special attention. So why should your vehicle be left behind? With us, your car will be shipped safely and conveniently, wherever you wait for it to be transported either to or from the city of Jacksonville. Our wide range of services that cover all the bases and an upfront payment method makes us one of the most popular auto shipping companies in the area. So when it comes to choosing the right vehicle transportation agency we are here to assist you every step of the way.

    How Long Does It Take Time to Ship a Car To / From Jacksonville?

    The time for your vehicle to be shipped and delivered is dependent on certain external factors that include the obvious like the distance, the season, the road, and route conditions. Besides, heavy-duty vehicles like auto shipping trucks and car trailers need to stop at the regular checkpoints for weight checks and can only be driven for a specified number of hours. By taking into account all the peripherals, we will give you an accurate estimate of the time by which you can expect your cars or motorcycles to be delivered. If you have to ship multiple vehicles at the same time, the time taken usually remains the same.

    How much does it cost to ship a vehicle to or from Jacksonville?

    To get a clear idea of the costs and expenses involved in transporting your four-wheelers or motorcycle with the Auto Shipping Group, simply go on to our website and give us a call at 904-559-1219. Alternatively, you can also fill up the online form available on the same portal with all the necessary details about your pick-up location and delivery address, including nearby landmarks and zip codes to get a free quote. The prices may vary based on the service that you opt for and if you have any special requests about your order.

    Fast and Reliable Auto Transport Service in 3 easy steps

    1. Get an Auto Transport Quote and book your order:

    Since the Auto Shipping Company in Jacksonville offers a wide range of different services, the costs and expenses tend to differ. This is why your auto-shipping experience with us starts with a free quote that you can get either by calling us at 904-559-1219 or from our website directly. Book your auto-shipping service accordingly and let our experts help you make the right call.

    2. We pick up your car and the vehicle transportation journey started:

    Once you have placed your order and booked the service, our team of experts will pick up and load your car on our trailer and we will be off on our journey to your new address safely and securely. You will be constantly updated about the status of your car to keep your mind peaceful and content.

    3. Receive The Vehicle To Your Destination:

    When our team reaches the destination, the client is notified immediately and sometime beforehand for drop-offs at terminals. We encourage our clients to personally oversee the handover or inform us if a representative will be there in their place. Your car is delivered and its journey with us ends there.

    Why Should You Transport Your Car and Vehicle With an Auto Shipping Group?

    There are multiple perks of hiring the Auto Shipping Group for transporting your vehicle from or to the city of Jacksonville. You will be saving time that can be utilized to fine-tune the other aspects of the move and the entire approach becomes highly cost-effective, especially in the long run. And if finances are your biggest concern then you will be happy to know that not only do we help our clients prepare beforehand by providing them with a free quote but also our payment methods are straightforward with no hidden costs. Any additional expenses will also be intimated before the delivery to avoid unnecessary hassles. As you can see, with us you only stand to gain and there will be no regrets if you decide to partner up with the Auto Shipping Company in Jacksonville.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What are the hours for operation of the Auto Shipping Company?

    Our working hours start at 8 am and end at 10 pm on regular weekdays. On weekends we start a business at 11 am and you can place your order till 8 pm.

    2. What are the different payment methods?

    You can pay for our services either through bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards or via online banking. And if you have a PayPal account you could also avail of some amazing discounts.

    3. Can I transport personal belongings while auto-shipping from Jacksonville to Oklahoma?

    It is always advised that you remove all your personal belongings before auto-shipping your vehicle from Jacksonville to Oklahoma since it can lead to various safety and liability concerns, including exceeding the weight limit for our trucks and trailers.

    4. Can I auto-ship my motorcycle?

    Yes at the Auto Shipping Company, we have separate motorcycle transportation services that are equipped for handling auto shipping of motorcycles and two-wheelers.

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    No matter the destination, we're ready to pick up anywhere in Jacksonville and transport your vehicle anywhere in the United States

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