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    Always Schedule an Inspection on your  Vehicle Before Transport

    Before auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Washington, a vehicle needs to be looked over by a knowledgeable mechanic. Hidden, unexpected or unknown issues may be uncovered and can be fixed immediately or handled once the vehicle arrives at its new home.Any car being transported needs to be operable. If the vehicle doesn’t run, the truckers from the transport service won’t be able to get it on and off the truck. Moving the automobile requires working ignition, transmission and brakes. The emergency brake should also be in good working order to prevent unwanted movement during auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Washington.

    If the mechanic discovers any leaks, it’s best to have these repaired right away to prevent problems with fluid loss during auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Washington. Leaking fluids are not only a nuisance but can also be dangerous and pose a hazard to the driver of the transport vehicle.Once the mechanic has thoroughly inspected the car, perform an independent check to be certain of the condition of it before auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Washington:

    • The battery is fully charged
    • All fluids are topped off to the right levels
    • Tires are inflated to the proper pressure
    • Drain the gas tank down to about one-quarter to lessen the weight of the car while leaving enough fuel for truckers to move the vehicle when necessary.

    If any unusual quirks or issues be discovered during inspection, explain these problems to the auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Washingtoncompany. This way, the truckers know what to expect when handling the vehicle and won’t be held up by unanticipated issues. To learn more about auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Washington, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.