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    Helpful Guide from Professionals for your Auto Transport Plan

    Choose Your Carrier Type

    Open auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to North Dakota, the most common and lower cost type of transportation with more flexible schedules.Enclosed car shipping from Lansing Michigan to North Dakotais generally for valuable vehicles as they are carried in an enclosed carrier. These carriers are usually more expensive due to the type of equipment they use.On rare occasions, or at the request of the client, we can select a carrier that can transport a singular vehicle to a destination. This might be a pickup truck towing a single car or a flatbed truck or trailer. The use of this type of transport might be used to haul a vehicle to a remote location or a place that is not serviced by regular transporters.

    Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment

    A car wash done before auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to North Dakotais helpful. This will allow both you and the transport driver to quickly identify any scratches and dents on the body of the vehicle. This eliminates any surprises at the time of drop off or time after drop off.Turn off any alarms if you are able to before car shipping from Lansing Michigan to North Dakota, or ensure that the transport driver knows or is made aware of how to turn off your particular vehicle alarm.Do not load items in the passenger compartment of the car. Auto transporters are prohibited by law to carry household goods and are subject to fines if found doing so. And the substantial penalties will be passed on to you if the products are yours and in your vehicle.

    If there are any removable parts on the exterior of your vehicle, remove them before auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to North Dakota. Inspect your vehicle for any damage and be sure to make any notations on the inspection report at the time of pick up, take lots of photos of the entire vehicle. Be sure to identify any nicks, cracks, chips in any windows at either time of pick up and/or delivery.DOT requires that a full set of keys, i.e. ignition, glove box and trunk, be given to the driver. If you wish to learn more about car shipping from Lansing Michigan to North Dakota, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.