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    Answering Possible Queries You May Have

    How do you get your car ready for shipping?

    Auto shipping businesses are forbidden for transporting cars that contain household belongings, so most companies will want you to make sure all you property is removed from the vehicle before auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Louisiana. The Department of Transport also requires that all keys be turned over to the mover while auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Louisiana, and it’s suggested that you have no more than a quarter of a tank of gas, so the company avoids any surcharges for excess weight, and you avoid any surprise costs.

    How long will shipping take?

    This will typically vary from one company to another, and is also dependent on how your car is being shipped, and where to. With auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Louisiana, quotes for delivery time are rarely guaranteed, as things can occasionally go wrong. As a general guide, auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Louisiana might take 1-2 weeks, shorter distances a few days and overseas much longer. Additionally, there are some situations that are beyond the mover’s control that can delay the shipment. Thus, you need to understand car shipping times and it will be much better if you will book your service in advance.

    What are the payment arrangements?

    Some auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Louisiana companies will require you to pay the full amount up front, and others will take a deposit, and the balance on delivery. Make sure you ask what kind of payment arrangement the company requires, and also what methods of payment you can use when your vehicle is delivered, as some might not accept checks, or prefer not to have their drivers carrying large amounts of cash. If you wish to learn more about auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Louisiana, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.