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    Remember to Record Existing Damages on your Vehicle before Transporting it

    All vehicles have at least a few minor issues arising from regular driving and exposure to weather. It’s easy to overlook these because they’re not as noticeable as more severe damage or because they’ve been present for so long they tend to escape detection. However, failure to pay attention to damage could be a costly mistake if something happens to the vehicle while auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kentucky. Moreover, forgetting to inspect your vehicle before auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kentucky could stress you more because having no documentation will prevent you from asking for a claim due to lack of evidence.

    Give the car a careful inspection inside and out before auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kentucky. Write down all scratches, dings, scuffs and other types of damage in as much detail as possible. Take pictures to back up these notes with visual proof, and make at least one copy of the snapshots. It’s also important to make note of any known mechanical issues. Before finishing the inspection, write down the odometer reading. Keep all notes from the examination of the vehicle in a safe place. It may be necessary to refer to them once the auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kentucky process is done.

    Secure Loose Parts or Openings

    Parts with the potential to come loose while auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kentuckyneed extra attention before the transportation service arrives. Ensuring these parts are secure is necessary to prevent damage to the car and keep other drivers traveling near the transport vehicle safe. If the car has a convertible top, sunroof or moon roof, these should be held in place so that they don’t slide or spring open. Removable rack or crossbars on the top or rear of the vehicle should also be dismounted and transported separately. Retract any permanently mounted exterior antennas. Consider removing custom parts and reattaching them later to keep them safe and lower the risk of theft. For further car shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kentuckydetails, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.