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    Step by Step Guide on How to have the Best Auto Transport Experience

    When relocating from one area of the country to another, it may be necessary to ship a car to the new destination. Vehicles must be prepared for auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Kansasto ensure safe and expedient arrival. Proper preparation minimizes the risk of damage, prevents the theft of valuable personal items, saves money on preventable repairs and helps the transportation process stay on a reasonable schedule.For the best experience possible when auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kansas, follow this step by step guide.

    Find a Reliable Transport Business

    Auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Kansasservices use trucks to convey vehicles across long distances, and choosing a trustworthy company is essential. This requires some research before shipping a car to find services with reasonable prices and good reputations.Fortunately, we make identifying a reliable car shipper much easier. Door to door auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kansasservice is the most convenient, since this brings the vehicle directly from one home to another. However, the cost of transportation may be lower if the car is driven to and shipped from a dedicated terminal. Expect shipment to take up to two weeks for long-distance moves. Also ask if an upfront deposit is required or if the auto transport service collects full payment upon delivery of your vehicle.

    Ask About Insurance

    Although a good transportation company should do everything possible to protect vehicles while auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Kansas, unexpected damage may still occur. Having insurance coverage during transportation helps offset the cost of repairs.Contact the insurance company where current policies are held, and inquire whether the coverage will be active while the vehicle is being moved. Also check to see what kind of insurance the transportation company carries and how much coverage is available. Ask to see their insurance certificate for confirmation.If there isn’t enough insurance coverage to provide peace of mind during the auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Kansas process, look into purchasing additional coverage through the insurance company or from the transport service. Knowing the full value of the vehicle and common damage occurring during shipping can help determine the amount of extra coverage to be purchased.If you wish to learn more about this topic, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.