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    Never Forget to Inspect your Car Thoroughly Upon Delivery

    When a vehicle owner decides to ship a car, the auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Illinoisprocess doesn’t end when both arrive at the final destination. The car has just traveled a long distance and may have been loaded and unloaded several times. Damage may occur at any point along the way, and the vehicle must be looked over before the trucker from the transport company leaves.Retrieve the notes and photos taken before theauto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Illinois process, and repeat the inspection of the entire vehicle, including everything under the hood.

    Look for anything differing from the initial review, and make clear notes in writing on the bill of landing provided by the auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Illinoisservice provider. This document should already have a list of any previous damage to or problems with the car, and if the condition has changed, it’s important to report the issue. The insurance provided by the auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Illinoisbusiness should cover any repairs necessary to return the car to its previous condition.

    Getting a vehicle ready for auto transport from Lansing Michigan to Illinoisbefore the carrier arrives minimizes hassle and keeps the timeline of relocation on schedule. By shipping the car instead of driving it, the process of auto shipping from Lansing Michigan to Illinoisbecomes less stressful and more streamlined.The combination of proper preparation and a reliable transport company means the vehicle should arrive in the same condition it left and be ready to hit the road again in no time. For further details, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269. Our team will make sure to answer all your queries and provide you with all necessary details for a well-organize transport.