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    A Closer Look to the Process of Picking Up Vehicles

    If you’ve arranged to drop your car off yourself, you’ll be asked to deliver your vehicle to a nearby depot on a particular date. Some car shipping from Lansing Michigan to Arizona companies will come and pick up your vehicle from your home, but as they often use large transporters that struggle with some residential roads, you should be prepared to meet the driver at a more suitable location that’s easier for him to access and load your vehicle. Before the mover takes possession of your car, they will do a thorough inspection with you, to assess the condition of the car prior to car moving from Lansing Michigan to Arizona.

    A similar inspection will be done after delivery, to make sure there has been no damage during car shipping from Lansing Michigan to Arizona. You should receive a copy of the inspection report, along with the Bill of Lading, which is effectively your receipt for the vehicle and outlines the shipping contract that’s been agreed between you and the car moving from Lansing Michigan to Arizona business.

    The car shipping from Lansing Michigan to Arizona company should have your contact details in case they need to get in touch, but if all goes well, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them until your car is ready for delivery. Some companies allow you to track your car’s progress online, which is convenient way to find out where it is and how close it is to arriving. However, don’t be too concerned if your vehicle ends up in another city, or sat in a depot for a few days. Car transporters usually operate between hubs, which mean that your car probably won’t take the most direct route from where you dropped it off to where you want it delivered, and it may end up on the back of a number of different transporters in order to get there. For further car moving from Lansing Michigan to Arizona details, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.