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    The Advices from Professionals and Realities during Pick-Up

    Get Signatures

    A world of difference can be made by obtaining a signature from someone before and after the auto shipping from Jefferson City Missouri to Nevada process who can compare the vehicle with the inspection report and check the two identically match and sign to that effect. Ideally, it is also possible for the car shipping from Jefferson City Missouri to Nevada service provider to check that the individual has the legal authority to enter into this part of the contract and to speak on behalf of the client. The driver is often unable to obtain any signatures, such as at auctions or dealerships. However, particularly with residential customers, the effort to try to get a signature as much as possible should always be present.

    Take Pictures

    Everybody knows the saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Taking photos takes extra time, but the driver knows if they have pictures of the damage before auto shipping from Jefferson City Missouri to Nevada, then there is no more documentation they would need on their inspection report to argue that in the first place they didn’t trigger it. It can be harder to get clear pictures of vehicles than it appears, because of the naturally reflective surface of a car, the glare of the daytime sun can interfere with visibility. That’s why it’s best to take a lot of pictures before car shipping from Jefferson City Missouri to Nevada, including close-ups, all sections, and panels, from top to bottom, and for parts with obvious damage, to take many different angles for complete coverage.

    If you have the photos, you have supporting evidence and total peace of mind. In addition, auto shipping from Jefferson City Missouri to Nevada companies using special BOL apps using third-party time stamping and geo-tagged features will have that extra layer of protection that most insurance companies will request should a fierce dispute arise in the future. For further details about car shipping from Jefferson City Missouri to Nevada, visit or call our agents at (888) 588-1269.