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    Why Towing your Inoperable Vehicle is Not an Option when Moving to a New State

    If you’re planning of car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Wisconsin with your inoperable car, you’re probably thinking “Shouldn’t I just get it towed by a towing company?” And you could do that. The good thing about towing companies is that they work primarily with non-running cars, so they are always prepared to move an inoperable vehicle as their trucks all have winches. Unfortunately though, there are a ton of drawbacks of using a towing company. Believe it or not, auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Wisconsin will very likely cost less. This is because towing companies charge absolute premium prices to come to you immediately. If you can wait for a few days, you can save well over half the price of towing by shipping your car.

    Your vehicle will also be at a higher risk of being damaged because these tow trucks are less secure than auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Wisconsin  service providers and the drivers tend to be less experienced than auto carrier drivers. There is also the issue of volume. These tow truck drivers make the bulk of their money with volume which means the more pickups they have – the more money they will make that day/night. This means they might be motivated to rush loading your car in order to go to another pickup sooner. Unlike with auto transport companies, they carefully load your vehicle in order to avoid any damage during car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Wisconsin.

    If you do not have much experience towing your own vehicle, we highly recommend for you to settle with reliable shippers. There are a bunch of things which could cause trouble during car moving from Jacksonville Florida to Wisconsin. Depending on your set up, you might not be able to go in reverse or have a complete view out of your mirrors. You also might not even set the trailer up correctly which could be disastrous. In short, do not try to tow your car yourself unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. Always opt for a vehicle transport company like us Auto Shipping Group that can perfectly handle your auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Wisconsin needs. Contact us today at (888) 588-1269 for more details or visit www.autoshippinggroup.com .