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    How Road Conditions and Driver’s Hours affect your Car Shipping Time

    Before you auto transport from Jacksonville Florida to Nebraska, you’ll have several questions in mind. Once you get answers for the cost-related queries, one of the top questions you’ll ask is – How long does it take to ship a vehicle? The answer depends on several factors, and this guide is going to help you learn exactly that. While most carriers can give you delivery time estimates, the following factors will play a role in the actual time it takes for auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Nebraska:

    Road Conditions

    Another unforeseen factor that affects auto transport from Jacksonville Florida to Nebraska time is the condition of the road. There may be road construction along the way or some unexpected detours that can delay auto transport from Jacksonville Florida to Nebraska time. Sometimes, drivers may also come across temporary road blocks due to driving accidents, which also affect the time it takes to get your car to its destination.

    Driver’s Hours

    If there’s a single driver operating the truck, the driver’s hours will also play a role on the schedule of your auto transport from Jacksonville Florida to Nebraska. Truck drivers can legally be on the road for a certain number of hours each week according to the United States Department of Transportation regulations, and are required to rest for a certain amount of time to ensure safety throughout the whole auto transport from Jacksonville Florida to Nebraska process. You’re in luck if you have a team of drivers operating the truck, as they can take turns driving to ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination quickly. If you want a fast transit time, you can partner with Auto Shipping Group to do that. They have skilled drivers and staff that do their best to avoid delays on your transport. Contact ASG at (888) 588-1269 for more details about them and their services.