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    Five Main Factors that Goes into Your Vehicle Transport Quote

    Car Size and Weight

    One of the main factors that affect the cost for auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Minnesota is the size and weight of your vehicle. Car carriers have limited space and a certain weight limit they can haul. Bigger vehicles weigh more and therefore, increase the fuel consumption of the bearer. This makes heavier and bigger autos cost more to transport, meaning you may not pay as much to move a hatchback as you would a pickup. When calculating the average cost of car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Minnesota through a quote calculator, it will usually take the vehicle make and model into consideration to calculate the size and weight.

    Make and Model

    Knowing the make and model of your vehicle will help you get a more accurate auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Minnesota quote because some specialty cars may cost more to transport. Luxury and classic vehicles typically cost more to ship because they need special services and attention. All the additional care that the transport company puts into shipping specialty vehicles tends to hike up the car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Minnesota cost.


    Modified cars tend to require special handling and shipping, which can increase the cost of auto shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Minnesota. Modifications like lifting or lowering the vehicle changes the height, which means that it’s no longer a standard-height auto. Similarly, some car owners may replace their standard tires with bigger ones that can take up more space in the carrier. The additional work and attention put into transporting such vehicles will increase the car shipping from Jacksonville Florida to Minnesota cost to a significant extent. If you want to use our free quote calculator to know the expected amount you need to pay, kindly visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call (888) 588-1269.