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    Few Vital Things to Consider before Going with an Auto Transport Service Provider

    When you decide to ship your vehicle from state to state, or even internationally, you have a few things to consider.

    • Budget: How much are you prepared to spend?
    • Timeline: How quickly do you need your vehicle to reach its destination?
    • Location: Will you ship your vehicle to a terminal or a private residence?
    • Weather: Do you mind if your vehicle is exposed to the elements during shipment?

    The auto transport from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Rhode Island method you choose may differ depending on all these considerations. For instance, if you have a classic vehicle you’re presenting at a car show, you might put a little more thought into your shipping method than you would if you were sending a second-hand car to your college student. A representative can give you the best auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Rhode Island options for your particular vehicle.

    Common Vehicle Carrier Options

    There are two main types of vehicles: open transporters and closed carriers. Open transport is the most common – and the most affordable auto transport from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Rhode Island option too.One commonly used trailer for auto shipment is the multi-car trailer. Usually, these carriers are a good choice if you’re looking for an auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Rhode Island discount. They can haul several vehicles at a time. However, with such a big load, these trucks are slower and have a harder time navigating in residential neighborhoods.

    Smaller trucks are available for single cars. In fact, a 1-car hauler flatbed, sometimes called a hotshot, is a great choice for short trips of less than 100 miles. These transport carriers can be more expensive, but they are often a little faster. They’re more maneuverable, which is perfect if you’re taking a recreational vehicle to a remote location, or if you’ve got a classic car you want to get somewhere quickly and safely. But for auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Rhode Island, the typical trailers used are large ones. For more details about auto transport from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Rhode Island, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.