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    Facts about Open and Enclosed Transport Services You Need to Know

    Everyone has different preferences when it comes to auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Missouri. You may be transporting a luxury, exotic, or vintage car and needs extra protection. Maybe you are shipping a fixer upper that needs to be repaired so you’re not too concerned. Whatever the case may be, there are different types of carriers that can fit your need!Open trailers are the most common type of car carriers. The majority of cars shipped in the US are carried by open trailers. Open trailers mean that vehicles will be exposed to outside factors during car shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Missouri.

    Bad weather such as hail, lightning, and flying debris can all affect your vehicle if on an open carrier. Other vehicles on the carrier may also affect your car. Oil/fluid leaks can occur during auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Missouri along with possible loose parts falling onto your car. All of this might sound scary but thankfully Auto Shipping Group offers gap coverage just for these instances.Open carriers are usually more cost friendly and easier to find. Auto Shipping Group works with many great open car shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Missouri service providers.

    Enclosed carriers offer more protection when auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Missouri. Being enclosed, these trailers keep your car away from the outside elements. You won’t have to worry about bad weather or random debris damaging your vehicle. Most enclosed carriers usually only haul 3-4 cars at a time. This means your vehicle will have no cars above it, keeping it from falling parts or leakage.For the extra protection, enclosed transport services are typically more expensive than open car shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Missouri. It may also take a little bit longer to find an enclosed carrier to pick up your vehicle. Enclosed carriers are a great idea if you are shipping vintage, exotic, luxury, or vehicles with sentimental value.For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.