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    Affordable Auto Transport Service: How to Look for One

    Are you looking for a cheap and affordable way of auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Connecticut? Whether you’re moving across the country or purchased a car from out of state, there are many safe and reliable ways to transport your vehicle at such a reasonable price!We have listed tips on how to find the cheapest ways to ship a vehicle. Remember, car shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Connecticut costs vary widely, and the cheapest option for you will depend on many factors.

    Open vs. Closed Transport:Which is More Economical?

    For those who are only concerned about budget, an open carrier is considered the cheapest and most convenient way to ship your vehicle. Shipping your car through open transport, you are exposing your ride to adverse weather conditions and road debris. If you’re totally okay with that, then this is the best and most in expensive auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Connecticut option for you.As for those whose vehicle are of rare value, then choosing an enclosed carrier is recommended. Enclosed car shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Connecticut can offer the best protection to your automobile. However, it comes with a price.   You’ll have to pay around two times the cost of an open trailer if you want your car to be shipped an enclosed carrier.

    Open Vs. Closed Car Transport: Which is Faster?

    Open auto shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Connecticut services are more in-demand compared to enclosed transports. But they can compensate with the volume of demands as there are more open carriers available. This means open trailers are the cheapest and the quickest way to ship your car.If you’re moving cross-country, expect up to two weeks for your vehicle to arrive. You have to pay extra for faster car shipping from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Connecticut. For more details, visit www.autoshippinggroup.com or call our team at (888) 588-1269.