Daily Tips

Auto Transport Daily Tips

Tips 1

  • Make sure to thoroughly research any prospective shipping company at the BBB

Tips 2

  • Never choose the lowest price.  The lower the price, the less chance will accept your load

Tips 3

  • Make sure that you have less than 1/8th tank of fuel when it is picked up.

Tips 4

  • Always read the terms and conditions of the company you choose to ship your vehicle.

Tips 5

  • Never put personal household items in the car, our trucks are not licensed to carry them.

Tips 6

  • Always get a copy of the damage inspection the truck does at pick up.

Tips 7

  • Never pay a company up front in advance of your vehicle being loaded.

Tips 8

  • Never try paying a truck at delivery with a personal check.  All trucks in our network only accept cash or Postal money order.

Tips 9

  • Always get three or four estimates from reliable transporting companies.

Tips 10

  • Being flexible on pick-up and delivery dates will save you money.

Tips 11

  • Always ask to get a copy of the trucks insurance coverage certificate before releasing it to them.

Tips 12

  • Avoid “self shipping sites” unless you know how to properly research a trucking company through government websites.

Tips 13

  • When making reservation with a transport company always let them know of equipment that is not factory installed.

Tips 14

  • Let your shipping company know if your vehicle is raise, lowered or has oversized tires.

Tips 15

  • It is a rule of thumb that trucks average around 350 miles per day, so a 200 mile trip will take around 7-8 days.

Tips 16

  • Avoid using terminal to terminal services for shipping your vehicle.  They are among the lowest priced, however many more damage claims come from terminal services and take much longer.

Tips 17

  • Door to Door auto shipping services are usually the best choice for convenience and safety of your vehicle.

Tips 18

  • Always have your cell phone with you and be available a day before the estimated delivery days.  Trucks will not wait more than a few hours before they put your car in storage and move on the delivery the next customer.

Tips 19

  • Always do a thorough inspection at deliver.  if you miss a problem and sign off on the trucks bill of lading then it’s nearly impossible to make a claim afterwards.

Tips 20

  • It’s always a good idea to take lots of pictures and video of the pick-up and delivery process.

Tips 21

  • Always ask the driver to note the mileage of your vehicle on the inspection report.

Tips 22

  • If a truck can’t get to your home because of restrictions of the city, then choose a large supermarket of shopping center closest to your home as a meeting place.