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    Am I Allowed to Ship Multiple Vehicles Using Enclosed Trucks?

    Yes. Enclosed trailers can accommodate more than one car when auto shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Maryland. Semi-trailers are usually up to 48 feet in length, so they will be able to handle multiple vehicles. If you want to ship more than one car using an enclosed truck, this is definitely possible. In fact, you may find that you can get a discount on your car shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Marylandjob, compared to having your vehicles picked up and dropped off separately. It’s definitely a good idea to ship more than one vehicle on the same enclosed trailer if you’re shipping one, two, or more vehicles and you’re having them all dropped off in the same location.

    How many cars can fit into an encased truck?

    This depends on the type of trailer you use for the auto shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Marylandprocess. Most enclosed trucks can hold between 3-7 vehicles. Some trailers have only a single deck, while others have a second deck that allows for a second layer of vehicles to be transported, similar to an open carrier.  The size of each vehicle is also important when car shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Maryland. The longer the vehicle, the fewer cars can be transported in a single enclosed trailer, as you might expect. The actual size of the vehicles is typically the limiting factor for enclosed trailers.

    How can I get an enclosed transport quote?

    The best way is to contact a shipping broker like Auto Shipping Group. We can provide you with a quote from multiple companies in your area right away, and ensure that you get a market-leading rate for auto shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Maryland. You can also do your own research and find companies near you that offer enclosed car shipping fromConcord New Hampshire to Maryland, and contact each one individually. However, this is usually more time-consuming compared to working with a shipping broker.To learn additional information about this topic, feel free to visit our page or call our team at (888) 588-1269.