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    Updated and Improved Guide for your Open Auto Transport Journey


    Auto Shipping Group offers flexible, hassle-free enclosed and open auto transport from Concord New Hampshire to Floridaservices for almost all types of vehicles, including classic cars, small vehicles, motorcycles and other type of car. We ship vehicles across the United States, between any destinations in the US using our reliable door-to-door auto shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Floridaservice.


    Open transport means that your vehicle will be shipped on an open carrier. Open trailers are the first choice and the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. Cars moved on open carriers may be exposed to weather elements such as sun, rain, snow, and dust and possibly to road debris.Although this aspect is a disadvantage of open auto transport from Concord New Hampshire to Florida, the risk of damage to your vehicle is minimal. The barriers on the truck will block most road debris, which means that at worst, you may have to give your car a good wash after the auto shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Florida process.


    At Auto Shipping Group, the safety of your vehicle is our utmost concern, and we offer the best open auto transport from Concord New Hampshire to Floridafacilitated by our top-notch trucking partners to ensure that your exotic, luxury car, or convertible is delivered to you safely and in good condition. The cars are secured to the vehicle to avoid vibration damage and mobility while it is in transit.The open transport method is faster than the enclosed shipping, because up to ten vehicles can be transported at the same time, and therefore cheaper as well. With open auto shipping from Concord New Hampshire to Florida, or vehicles that are transported share the cost of the carrier and due to the volumes of cars being shipped, especially on popular routes, vehicle owners only pay for one-way transportation.If you wish to learn more about this subject, feel free to visit our webpage at or call our expert team at (888) 588-1269.