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    Detailed Difference of Direct Carriers and Auto Transport Brokers

    When you’re looking for an auto transport from Columbia South Carolina to Louisiana service provider, you’ll probably notice that moving companies call themselves one of two things: brokers or carriers. But they rarely explain what either of these terms means. We think you should know exactly what you’re getting when you hire a mover, so we’ve broken them down for you. Moving brokers, also called brokerages, are like travel agents for your move. They don’t own any moving trucks or hire moving staff. Instead, they coordinate your move with other companies. This process can make your move a little easier and cheaper since the broker manages all the logistics and gets quotes from multiple competing carriers. However, a lower auto shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Louisiana price isn’t guaranteed, and some brokers are reportedly pretty shady.

    Moving carriers, on the other hand, own their own moving van fleets, hire in-house moving staff, and facilitate auto transport from Columbia South Carolina to Louisiana processes themselves. This business model is a bit more transparent since it guarantees that your belongings will be shipped by the same company you selected for your move. However, carriers can be more expensive than auto shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Louisiana brokers, and they may require extra research and planning on your part.

    Though the differences between these two auto transports from Columbia South Carolina to Louisiana service providers may seem obvious, the boundary isn’t always black and white. For example, some companies are registered as both carriers and brokers. This allows them to change between the two roles depending on what a customer needs. That’s the short answer. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only look for these companies because there aren’t many of them. You’ll just delay your shipment. Thus, choose to hire a broker company like Auto Shipping Group. It will help you have your transport faster and smoother. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of working with either type of moving company, read our blogs at Feel free also to call our agents at (888) 588-1269 to know more about our auto shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Louisiana business.