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    The Main Factors that make up the Auto Transport Service Rate

    Vehicle Model and Make

    Car shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Colorado service providers normally have a set weight limit that they have to adhere to. This is why the make and model of a vehicle will be crucial in deciding how much they will charge you. Smaller cars are expected to be cheaper to ship than big heavier ones. Any modifications done on your auto that might have added some pound to its weight will all be considered when quoting the price for your car moving from Columbia South Carolina to Colorado service.

    The condition of the vehicle

    The condition of your auto, whether it is running or not, has an impact on how much you will be charged for your car shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Colorado service. An inoperable vehicle, for example, will need to be lifted into the carriers or may require the assistance of a truck to get it on board. This leads to an extra costly work that is more time-consuming consequently resulting in increased prices for car shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Colorado.

    Distance and location

    Distance and location can affect the cost of transporting a vehicle in a variety of ways. The bigger the distance that your car has to cover, the more the expenses of maintaining the shipment and the more the price you will pay. This, however, does not mean that short distances are cheaper. In most cases, even short distances may cost almost as much as long distances because they still require the same loading and offloading efforts and maintenance. The location of the starting and final destination of your vehicle is also critical when coming up with a car shipping from Columbia South Carolina to Colorado price quotation. Most car moving from Columbia South Carolina to Colorado service provider explain that the farther away from a major highway your destination is the more you are likely to pay. This, therefore, means that if you are shipping your car from a big city to another big city, then you will pay less than one who is transporting the vehicle to a remote town far from the main highway. For more details, visit our website at or call us at (888) 588-1269.