Tampa Auto Shipping

Tampa Florida is located on the west coast of Florida in the middle of the state near the Gulf of Mexico in Hillsborough County.  The current population of the city of Tampa is nearing 370,000 residents with the metro area of Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg boasts almost 5 million people.

The Tampa area was settled by indigenous people until the area was explored by the Spanish explorers in the 16th century which was beset by horrible conflicts.  That along with European diseases brought by the explorers virtually wiped out the Tocobaga and Pohoy tribes that had been there for hundreds of years.  In 1824 the United States Army created an outpost fort named Fort Brooks that was located in what is now downtown Tampa, near the mouth of the Hillsborough River.

Early economic success of the Tampa area was based on Phosphates and Cigar production.  With the introduction of railroad lines connecting Tampa to the rest of the state and region those commodities grew exponentially.  Today Tampa’s economy is driven by tourism, because of the mild winters and beautiful beaches it has become a landing spot for northerners who are fleeing the harsh winters of the upper plains states.    Shipping is also a mainstay for the economy as the port of Tampa ships goods throughout the world and provides thousands of well paying jobs.

Tampa is home to three major league sports teams as the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers call Tampa home along with MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays and a NHL team called the Lightning.  Tampa has over 160 parks and beaches that cover thousands of acres which is another of example of the creature comforts that makes Tampa living so inviting.

If you are winter resident or are moving to Tampa to take advantage of the low cost of housing and the wonderful climate and need a reliable Auto Shipping Company to transport an auto to or from Tampa then look into Auto Shipping Group.  We Transport Autos into the Tampa area during all months of the year and you can reach us for a free Auto Transport quote at 800-901-6452.  We provide a wide range of Auto Shipping services and are one of the Best Companies to ship a car.

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