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Seattle WA is located in the great Pacific Northwest part of the United States of America and is widely considered one of the most picturesque cities in the world.  Seattle is a major seaport receiving goods from mainly the Pacific Rim. 

The population of the city of Seattle is about 690,000 people; however it boasts a metro population of nearly three million people.  Seattle was founded in 1865 with timber and fur trading being the first strong industry of the region.   Seattle’s close proximity to the Pacific ocean through the Puget Sound enables a robust fishing industry that employs many people from the region.

The economy has transformed from one that was dominated by the timber industry in the 1900’s to one that is known worldwide for its tech sector.  With companies like Microsoft leading the sector, Seattle has become one of the places to be if you have chosen a career in Technology.   Seattle has world class universities and colleges most notably the University of Washington.  Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in America experiencing almost 3% annual growth.

If you are moving to Seattle for one of the many tech Jobs or for the incredible outdoor activities available to its residents then you’ll need a vehicle shipping company that offers not only enclosed auto shipping but open auto shipping at competitive prices.  Although there are many auto transport companies available you’ll want to do your research and pick an auto shipping company that meets all of your needs.  Auto Shipping Group offers a vast variety of auto transport options for shipping your vehicle to Seattle.  Call Auto Shipping Group for a free no obligation quote and info on shipping your car at 800-901-6452.

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