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Indiana entered state hood on December 11, 1816 when then; President James Madison signed a congressional resolution admitting Indiana to the Union.    In 1825 Indianapolis became the State capitol of Indiana. Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and sits in the geographical center of the state.

 Indianapolis today is a modern city that is rapidly expanding with its manufacturing base; however the state is dependent on farming as a staple industry. Indianapolis is rich with high quality universities including Butler University, a joint campus of IUPUI. (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis) and Brown Mackie College.

Indianapolis is home to one of the biggest spectator events in the world commonly known as the “biggest spectacle in Racing” The Indianapolis Motor Speedway which hosts the Indianapolis 500 every Memorial Day weekend. The event draws an estimated 500,000 people each year during the month of May to the time trials and the race event.

Indianapolis is expanding its population as many people are moving to the 26th largest metro area in the country for the low cost of living, great outdoor activities available to its citizens and the distinct 4 seasons. If you are moving to the Indianapolis area and need AUTO SHIPPING to or from Indianapolis then don’t hesitate to call one of the top auto shipping companies providing services to Indianapolis, Auto Shipping Group.  For a free Auto Transport Quote to Indianapolis call 800 901-6452 and speak to one of our seasoned Auto shipping consultants.

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