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    Different Types of Car Shipping Companies

    Car Shipping Load Generators

    There are some differences between the various types of vehicle transport companies who offer car shipping from Chicago Illinois to Ohio services. Have you seen a webpage that promises you that they will send five to ten leads in just a day? Those sites are lead generators. The company may be an IT company, or an entrepreneur with a website looking to make some cash by selling your details to various mailing lists. In some cases, vehicle shipping lead generators do actually pass your car moving from Chicago Illinois to Ohio details on to car shipping companies, but it’s rare and you will probably have to search for more quotes anyway.

    Auto Shippers

    These are the famous companies with their own branded trucks and drivers in uniform. Another type of auto shipper is the driver who owns a truck. You can contact them directly to arrange your car shipping from Chicago Illinois to Ohio, too. The problem with trying to arrange your car moving from Chicago Illinois to Ohio through a company or individual with their own truck, is the fact that they tend to have only one, or perhaps a few trucks operating in small regions. That means that your car shipping can take slow, depending on availability, or it can be expensive.

    Car Shipping Brokers

    This type of organization combines the benefits of all the other types into a single point of contact that takes the hard work out of your hands. An auto shipping broker has access to freight load boards from where they can quickly identify car carriers headed to your destination and obtain the best price possible. When you book a car shipping from Chicago Illinois to Ohio job with an auto transportation broker, they will find a shipper that has all the right equipment to safely transport your car. Auto Shipping Group is a broker company who also make way for you to have a successful car moving from Chicago Illinois to Ohio process. You may reach them at (888) 588-1269 to make your life easier a finding the right shipping partner.