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    Red Flags to Be Wary of in the Auto Transport Industry

    Unbelievably Low Pricing

    We know that low pricing is a big factor when it comes to choosing your auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Utah service provider. Often, pricing you’ll find will fall inside a fairly conservative range. What if you find an auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Utah price that is so low that it seems too good to be true?It probably is.Money moves cars. Carriers always seek out the highest-paying loads; after all, they’re in the business to maximize their profitability. If a price is too low, carriers may pass over it, or you’ll get left with unproven, cut-rate carriers. Either way that doesn’t bode well for your vehicle.

    This is why most folks will seek out numerous bids first. If most auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Utah businesses fall within a pretty close range, but there is a low-price outlier, you’ll definitely want to avoid that one. Finding an average range through multiple bids will help you weed these out and avoid inexperienced or an auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Utah business that doesn’t care.This doesn’t mean you should skip over the lowest quote overall. Provided it falls within a reasonable distance of the range, you should consider it. Even here at Auto Shipping Group, our major focus is on saving our customers money during their car or truck transfers.

    Deposit Pricing Discrepancies

    Sometimes you won’t see a breakdown of your pricing until late in the auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Utah process. There are usually two components – the broker fee, the deposit fee, and the carrier fee. The latter is the movement’s cost and is due to the auto transport carrier doing the work. On the other hand, the deposit is what you pay to a broker to secure those services.Low deposits often come from companies that are having difficulty booking auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Utah orders. Many times, it’s not necessarily a sign of a “bad” broker but could indicate issues. Maybe they have high cancellations or lost the ability to utilize a credit card or have other financial issues. Maybe they are simply that green and inexperienced, which means other issues could come up during the process.Regardless, a super-low deposit or broker’s fee is a clear red flag. Here at Auto Shipping Group, we make our fees as low as possible to keep your overall cost low, but we will never go too low and put our high-quality service at risk. Budgets are negotiable – customer service is not!For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.