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    Know that the Kind of Vehicle You Move, Season and the Transport Method You Choose will Affect Shipping Cost

    Vehicle Type

    All car shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to South Dakota quote forms will ask for information on the vehicle. The make and model notifies the transporter of the size of the vehicle. From this, they can estimate how much room the car will take up on the carrier. In addition, the weight of the vehicle can be estimated. Therefore, it will cost more to ship a SUV than a sedan, because a SUV takes up more space and weighs more. You may also be asked to supply information on the vehicle’s condition. This would be whether the car is operable or inoperable. Inoperable cars can be transported, but special equipment is needed to do so. It is important to notify your car moving from Cheyenne Wyoming to South Dakota service provider of the condition of your vehicle. Failing to do this could lead to delays or added fees.

    Transport Type

    There are two main types of transport carriers used for car shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to South Dakota. You can opt to use either an open or an enclosed carrier. Depending on which one you choose, you will see variations in pricing.

    • Open auto transport: This is the standard method of shipping a car. When you are filling out a quote form on our website, this transport type will already be selected for you. Using open auto transport means that your car will be loaded onto an open carrier.
    • Enclosed auto transport: This method of car moving from Cheyenne Wyoming to South Dakota shields the vehicle from all weather and road elements, because the car is placed in an enclosed carrier. It is recommended for individuals intended on shipping their classic, luxury, or exotic car.


    The busy season for car shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to South Dakota businesses typically tends to be in the summer time. People move more often during this time of year, as children are out of school. Why is the season important when creating an auto transport quote? It is important, because of supply and demand. Prices go up when more people are in need of the services. This is why it is recommended to book well in advance, so that you get the scheduled delivery date that you want. Since the season affects pricing rates, most quotes are only good for a certain period of time before booking car moving from Cheyenne Wyoming to South Dakota services. Contact the company directly if you have questions about their rates.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.