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    What Is Enclosed Transport and Why Should You Opt for it?

    Enclosed transport is the opposite of open carrier in that your car is completely covered during auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ohio. Fully protecting your vehicle during transport eliminates the opportunity for damages from bad weather and other hazards. Since you’re getting a higher level of protection than open carrier, enclosed auto transport will cost you more. If you enlist the help of an enclosed auto transport service, your car will be loaded onto the carrier with other vehicles. When it comes to loading your vehicle onto the carrier, enclosed auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ohio services are far more superior than open transport services.


    It doesn’t matter if your car has a low clearance when being loaded onto an enclosed carrier. Instead of accelerating up steep ramps, enclosed auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ohio businesses use hydraulic lift gates that mimic an elevator with their ability to raise and lower vehicles evenly. The result is more control and a seamless experience of transferring your vehicle from the lift gate to the carrier.  If you like the sounds of enclosed auto transport, but want an even more exclusive auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ohio service, consider looking into single car enclosed transport.

    What Is Single Car Enclosed Transport?

    Single car enclosed transport is the same as enclosed transport except that your car won’t be moved with other vehicles. One perk associated with having your ride travel by itself is a faster delivery rate. Suppose your vehicle is traveling with other vehicles. In that case, it’s natural that the auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ohio process will take longer as the driver has to manage other deliveries along the route to your car’s destination. Keep in mind that single car enclosed transport is more difficult to book than standard enclosed auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Ohio. Standard enclosed auto transport is in higher demand as a service, so fewer drivers are available for single-car enclosed transport. If you make plans far in advance, you should be able to line something up for your exotic vehicle. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.