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    From Documents to Executions, What You Need when Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

    When prepping your vehicle for auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Michigan, it’s essential that you gather your car’s documents, wash your vehicle, have a thorough inspection, remove personal items, perform any needed maintenance, and lock your vehicle.

    Here’s a rundown of vehicle documents you should gather:

    • Insurance
    • Title
    • Copy of your driver’s license
    • Vehicle registration
    • Proof of ownership

    Cleaning your vehicle both inside and out will help you perform a more thorough inspection as any marks or damages to your vehicle will be evident. After you evaluate your vehicle for damages, take notes on the car’s condition so you can spot any damages that might’ve occurred during auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Michigan. Removing personal items from your vehicle is vital as things left in your car won’t be insured during travel. The only things you should keep in your vehicle are emergency tools such as jacks, a spare tire, etc.

    Performing necessary maintenance on a car is essential as vehicles that aren’t in excellent condition result in a higher auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Michigan cost. There might be an instance where you think your car is working fine, but an inspection might reveal otherwise. If your vehicle happens to leak during auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Michigan, you’ll risk getting fluid on other vehicles in a standard enclosed transport scenario.

    Whether you decide to use open or enclosed auto transport from Cheyenne Wyoming to Michigan method, the protection and professionalism that these services offer will ensure your car is kept safe during auto shipping from Cheyenne Wyoming to Michigan. Your vehicle will benefit from additional protection when it’s shipped using an enclosed carrier – but accidents can still happen, and you should make sure you’re protected. If your car is very valuable, it’s a good idea to purchase additional insurance coverage. This can usually be done through the shipping carrier you’re using to ship your vehicle.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.