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    Are their Specific things I need to do with my Vehicle before Transporting it?

    Auto Shipping Group asks that you have between one-quarter and one-half tank of gas in the vehicle. Remember to give theshipper all keys to your car, including trunk and gas cap keys. Ensure the battery has a charge and brakes are functioning. Let the driver know if you’ve made any modifications to the vehicle and remove all personal belongings, racks, loose change and garage door openers, which could move during car shipping from Carson City Nevada to Wyoming, causing damage. You’ll want to remove your E-Z Pass or other toll or parking tags. Your ASG representative will let you know if there is anything else you need to do before car moving from Carson City Nevada to Wyoming.

    Can I get a guaranteed pickup or delivery time?

    No car shipping from Carson City Nevada to Wyomingcompany can offer a precise time for picking up or delivering your vehicle. The driver assigns to move your vehicle will give you a two to four-hour window so you can plan to be available. You’ll receive a call from the carrier three hours before pick up or delivery. Weather, road conditions and traffic can all cause delays to your car moving from Carson City Nevada to Wyoming, however, very little is mentioned about delays in our customer reviews.

    What if my vehicle is damaged during shipping?

    wework with are professional companies with insurance to cover any damage, although the chances of your vehicle being scratched or dented are far less than if you drove it yourself. However, you will inspect the car with the driver both before it’s loaded for car shipping from Carson City Nevada to Wyomingand when it arrives at your destination. Both you and the driver will sign off on the bill of lading if there is no change in condition upon delivery. If you find any damage, the driver will note it on the bill of lading to document your claim. Always get a copy for your records. Ship high-value vehicles in an enclosed trailer for extra protection. In the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged during car moving from Carson City Nevada to Wyomingcontact Auto Shipping Group immediately so they can help you through the process.If you wish to learn more about this subject, feel free to visit our webpage at or call our expert team at (888) 588-1269.