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    What it Takes to Cancel your Auto Transport Order

    It’s very common in this industry to get a lot of pushback when trying to cancel and even have certain shippers that say they have done so but will still be trying to save the deal.  But why?For the most part, car shipping from Carson City Nevada to Floridacompanies pay their salespeople only in commission. If they don’t get the vehicle shipped they will not be paid. So there is an urgency to keep your car moving from Carson City Nevada to Floridaorder going.  This eagerness to keep the sale could actually cause you more issues as you try to shop around and book with another company. This can lead to known as double booking.


    In a typical scenario, the car shipping from Carson City Nevada to Floridacompany needs to determine how much the drivers are charging, add their fee on top, and then place it on the national dispatch board. The final step can only be taken when they have a bona fide sales contract with you, the customer.  This is how 99% of all car moving from Carson City Nevada to Floridaworks.


    Why Your Vehicle Has Not Moved


    There are only two reasons after that where the car doesn’t get picked up. First, it’s in the middle of absolutely nowhere as far as the carrier is concerned and/or it is priced too low to gain the interest of the drivers moving vehicles in the area.  That’s right, I said interest. See, they don’t have to take your car shipping from Carson City Nevada to Florida order if it does not pay them what they expect.  So if your shipper didn’t do the research the driver will totally ignore your vehicle. That’s why you never book the lowest car moving from Carson City Nevada to Floridaprice. For more details about this subject, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.