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    Choose from these Services the Best One for your Vehicle

    Door to Door vs. Terminal to Terminal

    There are two main types of auto transport from Cape Coral Florida to Idaho: Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal. Car transportation companies offer different levels of service at different costs depending on the needs of the customer: how fast it needs to be delivered and where it should be picked up from. For a lower cost, terminal to terminal is the best option but the buyer will need to pick up the car from the transporter’s terminal. Door to door auto shipping from Cape Coral Florida to Idaho is less complicated but can be more expensive.

    Open and Enclosed trailer transport

    Depending on what car you want to deliver, how many vehicles and at what price; transporters offer many options. One of the most common is open auto transport from Cape Coral Florida to Idaho. With this type of transport the vehicle is vulnerable to weather conditions and some customers do not like to deliver a car that will arrive dirty. However there are plastic wraps and tarps that can be used to prevent that. The advantage of this auto shipping from Cape Coral Florida to Idaho method is that it can be used to transport up to 12 cars in one delivery. The cleaner alternative to open trailer is enclosed transportation. This will keep your car safe from the weather and from any potential scraps or scratches from any other elements on the road.

    Sports, classic or exotic car transport

    Sports cars, luxury, classic or exotic vehicles require more care and experience to handle while auto shipping from Cape Coral Florida to Idaho. The owners of high value cars need to be assured that only the best will be provided for them and that they are in safe hands. Shipping expensive vehicles also needs an experienced team that can handle anything any potential problems or issues at any stage of the auto transport from Cape Coral Florida to Idaho process. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.