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    What are the Formalities and Documents Required for Transporting a Car?

    For auto transport from Cape Coral Florida to California with guarantees, the client must confirm with the carrier the type of insurance that will cover their goods until they reach the destination and agree on the method of payment for the service. We also use an official Bill of Lading that collects all the auto shipping from Cape Coral Florida to California details. This document is filled in with the client and we deliver a copy at origin and destination. Finally, we also send an official invoice of the postage made.

    How and where can it be easier to check the credibility of the carrier?

    The first step is to verify the company documents, the carrier should provide them without any problem. It is also very useful to review all the comments and evaluations of the carrier that is offering you an auto transport from Cape Coral Florida to California quote. It may be useful to consider the rate that is proposed for transport, if most companies offer auto shipping from Cape Coral Florida to California quotes of, for example, approximately $900, an offer of $700 could be suspicious. In general, as for many other decisions, it is necessary to use common sense and coldly analyze what is most important to us: the tranquility and security of our articles or save a few dollars.

    What are the most common mistakes made by customers?

    Mainly, one of the most common mistakes is not specifying well the weight or measurements of the vehicles to be transported.Another common mistake is to contract the transport without first asking a few brief questions to the carrier to coordinate the days of collection and delivery. Good communication between customer and carrier is essential!The packaging, protecting the items well is a very important aspect and many customers do not realize it. We recommend once again agreeing with the carrier in advance how the items should be packed and who is going to take care of it.When a conflict situation arises, it is best for the client to quickly contact the contracted transport company to try to resolve the problem amicably. If the client chose a good auto transport from Cape Coral Florida to California business, the situation is most likely to be solved at this point, once again the issue of the insurance available to the carrier is crucial.In our company, whenever the client has a problem, they can contact our office so that we will advise them personally and give them the best attention, in addition to taking care of the damage acquired during auto shipping from Cape Coral Florida to California. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.