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    Reading Between the Lines: Auto Transport Details You Need

    Once the trucking partners say they are interested in a load, we go ahead and post your car shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Wyoming order up on the national freight board.  Once a truck picks up your load, the truck will travel approximately 500 miles per day depending on the number of stops along the way.  So a 2000 mile transport would take approximately up to 10 days to get it delivered to your destination.  You vehicle will most likely arrive in those days, but we add 2 extra days just in case there are issues with the truck that would cause a delay to your car moving from Bridgeport Connecticut to Wyoming process .

    When you book your car shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Wyoming with Auto Shipping Group, you will be pleased to know that from the time you place the order until we actually have you approve the truck and we sent the truck out there, you are at no risk of losing any money.  We go ahead and give you a car moving from Bridgeport Connecticut to Wyoming quote by looking at the vehicles that are currently moving from your origin to your destination.  We will give you the average cost per mile on current loads that are being picked up.  Once the truck is approved, we will ask you to pay your deposit.  The balance will be paid COD to the driver or if you chose to pay the full balance to us, it will be due on dispatch.  In either case, please make sure to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle before signing off on the bill of lading and paying the driver.  Any damages not noted on the dispatch sheet will no longer be the responsibility of the carrier or Auto Shipping Group.

    Our car shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Wyoming price includes the truck fee and our broker fee.  If you need to meet a specific time frame it is recommended that you discuss with your transport agent the current rates and try to stay as close to 80% of the loads that are currently moving.  This will ensure that your vehicle will get picked up in a timely manner.We don’t guarantee your transport to pick up or arrive at any specific date or time because there is just no way to know what could happen during the route, but we will work with the carrier and keep you updated on progress throughout the car moving from Bridgeport Connecticut to Wyoming process.  For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.