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    Summer vs. Winter: When is Less Costlier to Ship a Vehicle?

    When a person wants to transport their vehicle, it is usually something that is required to be done straight away. For instance, if you’re moving home for the summer, are you going to wait 6 months until the car shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Utah prices are more suitable or you? In most cases, people cannot or, will not want to wait for prices to drop and therefore want their vehicles delivered when requested. If you’re planning to transport your vehicle at some point in the future, getting an understanding of how the industry works will allow you to plan, and make a more informed decision as to when to arrange your car moving from Bridgeport Connecticut to Utah request.

    Summer Will Generally Be More Expensive to Ship Cars

    The summer months, understandably, is when most people choose to transport their vehicle(s). Yet, this does not mean car shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Utah prices will be cheaper. Despite there being a large number of shipping companies to choose from and the competitiveness of the industry, prices in the summer are more expensive. The main reason for this is the influx in business allows companies and their trucks to cherry-pick their loads. They can essentially sell the spots on their trucks to the highest car moving from Bridgeport Connecticut to Utah requests that are desperate to get their vehicles delivered on time. If you’re not prepared to pay the premium price of others, you risk being picked up by a carrier.

    Winter Will Be Cheaper but Slower on Most Occasions

    Everything slows down during the winter months as customers tend to return from their vacation and refrain from moving or relocating in the winter months. This leaves the companies with no choice but to lower car shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Utah prices to keep up with their competition.Rather than high demand and cherry picking loads, companies now have to compete with each other just to fill their trucks. The longer the winter goes on, the more desperate some car moving from Bridgeport Connecticut to Utah businesses get to ensure that they are not sending trucks from state to state that are not at full capacity. Depending on the route there can be higher prices in some circumstances, particularly when treacherous snow is involved. For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.